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The Freedom of Sound: The new TLM 107

At this year's AES (Audio Engineering Society) Convention, Neumann announced its newest studio microphone: The TLM 107 large diaphragm microphone. It stands for innovation based on tradition and is a universal, standard-setting microphone with multiple polar patterns for studio, broadcasting and demanding home recording applications.

The TLM 107 features a surprisingly fresh design and a novel operating concept. The TLM 107 is a modern, high-resolution sound transducer with excellent reproduction characteristics that enable it to capture the original sound without any coloration, thus ensuring unlimited design freedom in mixing and post-production.

The recently launched TLM 107 has won the "Best of Show Award" at the AES Convention in New York City. The editors of "Pro Sound News" and "Pro Audio Review" present this award each year to new and outstanding products exhibited at US pro audio shows. They are assisted in this task by the editors of their sister magazines "Mix" and "Audio Media".

Complete product information is available on

TLM 107
Change of Neumann Distribution in Japan

The Neumann Headquarters, Berlin have decided to transfer the distribution of all Neumann products from our long-term partner Electori/Tokyo to Sennheiser Japan K.K., starting January 01, 2013.

The Neumann Card Game App

A card game based on Neumann’s current and selected classic microphones is now available at the Apple App Store. The rules are similar to those of childhood card games. The winner is the player who knows which microphones can handle the highest sound pressure levels, have the lowest self-noise, have the greatest number of directional characteristics, or have been available on the market the longest.

The app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad – naturally free of charge – has a single-player mode with two levels of difficulty, where players match their skill against the computer, and a multi-player mode using Bluetooth. In each case, a game of 10 or 20 rounds can be played, or the game can finish when one player has no more cards. In an entertaining way, aspiring and experienced audio engineers will learn many things about the strengths of individual mics, and can test their knowledge.

In addition to its role as a game, the app can function as a miniature product catalog. It also contains information about areas of application – for both analog and digital mics. More information can be found at the Apple App Store or following this link:

Card Game App
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KH 310 A presented at AES in San Francisco

The Three-way Active Studio Monitor KH 310 A was launched at AES in San Francisco. Full product information and specs can be found on the corresponding product page:

KH 310 A
Neumann Capsule Heads for the Sennheiser 2000 Series Wireless System

At prolight+sound 2012, for the first time Neumann is presenting the capsule heads KK 204 (cardioid) and KK 205 (supercardioid) for the Sennheiser 2000 Series wireless system.

Neumann capsules have already been used in combination with the Sennheiser SKM 5200 handheld transmitter for the past 10 years on some of the largest stages of the world, where the highest demands are placed on a high-resolution sound and transmission reliability. With the development of the KK 204 and KK 205 capsule heads, the Neumann sound is now also available for the Sennheiser 2000 Series. The synergies between the key areas of expertise of Sennheiser handheld transmitters and Neumann capsule sound permit us to offer our customers a wireless system of absolutely uncompromisingly quality, even for the most demanding live applications.

The acoustic features of the KK 204 and KK 205 capsule heads are derived from the multiple award-winning wired Neumann stage microphones KMS 104 and KMS 105. The KK 204, with a cardioid directional characteristic, ensures the best possible suppression of sound originating from 180° to the rear, while the supercardioid KK 205 has greater directivity, and maximizes incident sound from the front as compared to sound from the rear. Due to the “single polar pattern design”, the polar patterns are very uniform over the entire frequency range, thus providing the basis for excellent resistance to feedback.

In the development, particular importance was placed on the effective damping of pop sounds and handling noise, as well as on an extremely low level of self-noise. The KK 204 and KK 205 capsule heads thus have a wide dynamic range. In addition, they are designed to be very easy to service.

The design is adapted to the construction of the SKM 2000 handheld transmitter. The capsules, and also of course the transmitter unit, are available in both nickel and black. Included with the capsule heads is a large nylon bag, which can hold not only the capsule but also the handheld transmitter, battery packs and additional accessories.

Kapselkopf KK 204 / KK 205
Kapselkopf KK 204 bk / KK 205 bk
Neumann – Know Your Classics

What is a classic? Whether in the field of art or technology, a classic is always the best of its kind, pointing the way and providing a standard against which all others are measured.

Masterpieces are not simply a window to the past. Da Vinci’s wealth of innovations and his technical brilliance are timeless; his search for perfect proportions as an expression of inner harmony imparts to us a sense of perfection and of deeply felt humanity. Neumann microphones also convey these ideals. Classics such as the U 87 revolutionized our expectations of studio microphones and today are considered to provide the epitome of a balanced, well-proportioned sound: A type of perfection centered on humanity.

In the luminous colors of expressionist painter August Macke, we experience the harmony of people and their surroundings. His abandonment of traditional perspective anticipated in some sense our modern understanding of recording: Since the 1960s at the latest, as visionaries such as the Beatles and Brian Wilson were redefining pop music, the goal has no longer been mere reproduction, but rather the presentation of an experience: Emotion and expression. The recording process has itself become an art form. Here sound colors are the palette and microphones the paintbrush for a new type of musician, the recording artist. There were – and still are today – Neumann classics such as the U 47, M 49, U 67 and U 87 with which almost all the great masterpieces of pop music were created.

Jan Vermeer – the incomparable warm light in his paintings fascinated his contemporaries and to this day continues to inspire our admiration. Few painters have so often been copied, and yet Vermeer’s mastery remains unequalled. Many of his works still pose new mysteries for us: For instance, who is the Girl with a Pearl Earring? Books and films attempt to reveal Vermeer’s secrets, nevertheless, like all great masterpieces, his paintings ultimately remain inexplicable. Countless myths have also grown up around Neumann classics such as the legendary U 47, and the success and technical brilliance of Neumann microphones have repeatedly attracted imitators. However, the many vain attempts to imitate classics such as the U 47 or the U 87 ultimately only confirm the status of the originals as timeless masterpieces.

Leonardo Da Vinci
August Macke
Jan Vermeer

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