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Cable Material K 11

Cable Material

K 11

Our cable material has been developed by Neumann and is exclusively produced for Neumann by highly qualified manufacturers. All microphone cables have a counter wound double helix copper shielding, assuring a particularly high degree of coverage (95%). HF rejection is exceptionally good, flexibility of the cable excellent.

  • 3 conductors 0.5 sqmm copper wire 256 x 0.05 mm

  • 8 conductors 0.14 sqmm copper wire 72 x 0.05 mm

  • Insulation special thermoplastic

  • Shielding: 2 layers of counterwound bare copper wire

  • Jacket special pvc matte charcoal-gray and round

  • Printing "Georg Neumann GmbH Berlin - Made in Germany"

  • Overall diameter: 7.5 mm

  • Price on request.
    Technical Data
    Conductor resistance 0.14 sqmm < 138 Ohms/km
    Conductor resistance 0.5 sqmm < 38 Ohms/km
    Insulation resistance > 20 MOhms x km
    Capacitance core/core 95 nF/km (1 kHz)
    Test voltage core/core 1.2 kV
    Test voltage core/shield 0.6 kV
    Temperature range - 20° C to + 70° C
    Order Information
    K 11 black Cat. No. 062699

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