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Power Supply N 248

Power Supply

N 248

The N 248 supplies one stereo microphone, or two mono condenser microphones with 48 V phantom power (P48). All connectors are of XLR 3 type. The audio signal outputs are DC-free. The 5 directional patterns of the TLM 170 R can be remote controlled with rotary switches.

The remote control operates by varying the nominal phantom voltage of 48 V over a range of ± 3 V (patented). As in standard operation, cable lengths up to 300 m are permissible. Set to P48, all conventional microphones can be used as well.

Even mixed operation is possible, with one channel remote controlling a TLM 170 R, while the second output supplies a conventional microphone.
Technical Data
Mains voltage EU 230 V/50 Hz
Mains voltage US 117 V/60 Hz
Mains voltage UK 230 V/50 Hz
DC voltage input 5 ... 15 V
Power consumption max. 3 VA
DC voltage output 48 V +/- 3 V each
Current output max. 5 mA each
H x W x D 143 x 38 x 103 mm
Weight 415 g
Order Information
N 248 black Cat. No. 008537

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