LED´s of the D-01 digital studio microphone

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By Type:
Pure Neumann sound in the digital domain, for use with AES/EBU or AES 42. The signal is converted directly at the capsule. Difficult questions concerning the optimal preamp and A/D converter for a Neumann mic are thus a thing of the past.
Zoom: D-01 digital studio microphone
Extremely wide dynamic range: more than 130 dB
Neumann A/D conversion process
Pre-amps and external A/D converter are no longer necessary
Wide range of new functions through integrated digital signal processing
Control and monitoring of all microphone parameters and functions through Remote Control Software
Digital Microphone
A/D Converter, optimized for direct conversion of the capsule signal
New capsule design
Additional DSP functions
Limiter (incl. de-esser)
All parameters and functions remote controllable
Digital Microphone Interfaces
AES 42-2001 to AES/EBU conversion
Reliable synchronization through new PLL process
2 or 8 channels
Phantom powering
Word clock in and out
Integrated word clock generator
Remote Control Software
Control and monitoring of all parameters
DSP function control
Peak level meter
Gain reduction bargraph for limiter
Save, copy, and recall for complete setups

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