KK 105 S microphone head: Detail of the headgrille

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The capsule heads of the KMS vocal microphones, compatible with the Sennheiser SKM 5000 / 5200 wireless system, makes possible wireless Neumann sound on the stage.
Zoom: KK 105 S microphone head with SKM 5200 in nickel and black
Delivery Range
Capsule Head KK 104 S (bk), KK 105 S (bk) or KK 105 HD** (bk)
Padded nylon bag
KK 104 S nickel Cat. No. 008534
KK 104 S bk black Cat. No. 008533
KK 105 S nickel Cat. No. 008474
KK 105 S bk black Cat. No. 008476
KK 105 HD** nickel Cat. No. 008559
KK 105 HD** bk black Cat. No. 008560

** “Heavy duty” variant with integrated foam popscreen instead of wire mesh for even better plosive attenuation. In addition, foam material provides a very large surface area and can therefore absorb moisture very well.

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