Close shot of the KM 184 D nx digital microphone

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Pure Neumann sound in the digital domain, for use with AES/EBU,
AES 42 or S/PDIF. The signal is converted directly at the capsule. Difficult questions concerning the optimal preamp and A/D converter for a Neumann mic are thus a thing of the past.
Zoom: The KM D family
Miniature microphones with 8 exchangeable capsules, compatible with the analog miniature microphone system KM A
Extensive accessories
TRUE NEUMANN SOUND: The legendary Neumann sound in the digital realm.
Pure Neumann capsule sound.
TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL: The satisfaction of recording the uncolored original,
with no "bottlenecks" between the capsule and the recording system.
TRUE CONVERSION: The guarantee of having one of the best
A/D converters available.
TRUE HANDLING SAFETY: Anti-clipping processing ensures handling safety,
and reduces stress.
TRUE TIME SAVINGS: Reduced time requirements and personnel costs,
particularly due to faster post production processing.
TRUE ECONOMY: Lower investment costs, since separate A/D converters and preamps are no longer needed. This also means space and weight savings (e.g. in the OB van).

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