Detailed view of the TLM 103 D digital studio microphone

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Pure Neumann sound in the digital domain, for use with AES/EBU,
AES 42 or S/PDIF. The signal is converted directly at the capsule. Difficult questions concerning the optimal preamp and A/D converter for a Neumann mic are thus a thing of the past.
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For many years the analog version of the TLM 103 D has played an important role for ambitious home recording and project studios. This microphone has made the Neumann sound available to a broad spectrum of demanding audio engineers and musicians. The TLM 103 D provides all of the sound features of its analog counterpart, in addition to the advantages of digital circuit technology described above.

Further information on these microphones can be found at the webpages of the analog variants, the TLM 103.

Further information on the digital microphone technology and the whole Solution-D system can be downloaded as PDF.
TLM 103 D digital studio microphone: Detail view
Capsule of the TLM 103 D digital studio microphone
Solution-D connection kit AES/EBU

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