In this section we introduce the 287-page book about the first 75 years of the history of the Neumann company. We also provide numerous documents which you can download free of charge: A chronological outline of Neumann history, the Neumann (“Boré”) microphone book, and technical documents on topics which are not restricted to a particular microphone.
The History of the Neumann Company
The 75-year history of the Neumann company involves much more than innovative studio microphones which have set standards for the world of audio technology.

Indeed, microphones such as the U 47, M 50, U 67, U 87, and more recently the M 149 Tube and TLM 103 have become legendary classics which every professional audio technician is thrilled to work with, and which now appear as an indispensable part of the audio technology world. Almost every recording studio worldwide regards the use of Neumann microphones as something to be particularly proud of, and as the sign of a highly professional type of operation.

However the brilliant inventor Georg Neumann had many interests. Almost forgotten today is the fact that for decades Neumann played a significant role in the development of record-cutting machines. In addition, few people know that the development of accumulators goes back to a Georg Neumann patent. For many years, Neumann also equipped numerous radio studios with elaborate, custom-made mixing consoles. However the Neumann company's core area of expertise was, and remains to this day, the field of top professional microphone technology.

The history of the Neumann company from its beginnings to the present day, and its important role in developments in audio technology are presented in the book "Neumann - The Microphone Company", published on the occasion of the company's 75th anniversary. Close collaboration with the company has given author Anselm Rößler the opportunity of researching the extensive archives. Through numerous interviews with present and former company employees, as well as with musicians and users, he has been able to develop a detailed conception of the Neumann legend.

More than 300 pages (in English and German), with over 500 color photos, provide a detailed, carefully researched account of Georg Neumann, his inventions, the people presently in the Neumann company, and the philosophy of an enterprise which has been successful over the decades.

"We have long had the wish to make the history of the Neumann company available to the public, in a comprehensive, attractively prepared form. The present "official" history of the company should enable everyone interested in audio technology and music to gain fascinating new insights into the world of microphones and the internal operation of our company," explains Wolfgang Fraissinet, General Manager of Marketing and Sales.

The book is published by the PPVMEDIEN publishing house.

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