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Dear Pinboard Users
Author: Posted by W. Fraissinet / Neumann
Date: 02/04/2004
Dear users of the 'Neumann Pinboard',
Once again we realize messages on our public 'Neumann Pinboard' which show an abusive practice of language and content. We - the Neumann Headquarters in Berlin, Germany - are not willing to accept these indecent messages to appear on our public platform. This represents our best common interest with the worldwide professional audio community, consisting of honourable engineers, microphone users and artists, students a.s.o. around the globe. In future we will keep the 'Neumann Pinboard' clean from any further text and/ or content of that particular kind. Everybody who is posting messages on this public Neumann platform in the desired way is very welcome to continue communicating on the 'Neumann Pinboard'.
The Neumann Headquarters are not willing to exercise any censorship over regular pro audio content. We kindly ask all users to keep messages on a public level suitable for common interest.
BTW: We are going to redesign our pinboard to make several forums available. This enables a user to select messages of individual interest.
Best regards from the Neumann Headquarters in Berlin, Wolfgang Fraissinet - President Marketing / Sales -
Stephan Peus - President Development -  
Posted by W. Fraissinet / Neumann