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recording in a theater lobby?
Author: Posted by jnorman
Date: 02/11/2004
i may be doing a job for a small chamber group (violin, flute, pedal harp) in the lobby/foyer of a historic theater (no audience). it is gothic, with about 40' vaulted ceiling, long and narrow (maybe 80x30'), thick wool carpet, and mostly stone masonry walls. there are stairways at either end, with landings about 6' up. i heard the group play there today up on one of the landings, and it sounded pretty nice.
if we record there, we can set up anywhere, but short of making them all move around to different spots, i dont know where the best places in a room like this would be. out in the middle of the space? up against a long wall, projecting across the narrow part of the space, or in a corner or in front of the stairs projecting toward the long dimension of the room? or up on the carpeted landing with a hard surface just 3-4' behind the players projecting out into the middle of the room on the long dimension?
spaced omnis, or ORTF cards, or both just to make sure? any spot mics just for the heck of it? thanks.
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