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Microphone Hygiene
Author: Posted by Julian Lampert
Date: 02/16/2004
I have a jubilee-stereo set of M-149's and I'm seeking advice from the Neumann staff, or any professional who is intimately familiar with dust prevention. The advice I've read and heard addresses dust prevention during the storage of microphones, but I'm concerned about the microphones during use.
Besides making sure recording spaces are perfectly clean, are there any highly-recommended portable air filtration system that helps to prevent dust? Are ionizers at all useful in this regard?
Is there any way to safely and carefully blow away any excess dust from the capsule after recording, perhaps by using a miniature blower just directly at the head-grille? If this is a valid method, which miniature blower is the most recommended?
The most dust-free and healthy room-environments I've been in are rooms with radiant-heating systems (not systems which move heated/cooled air), coupled with a humidifier, and I'm considering this option for my music room which houses a Steinway B (7 ft. grand). Do you have any advice in this regard?
Thank you very much, Julian  
Posted by Julian Lampert
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