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Vintage SELA microphones.
Author: Posted by Dennis Johansson
Date: 02/24/2004
I have a question to Neumann.
I own several vintage, Swedish made tube microphones by the name of SELA. They were made from the late 50īs up to the early 70īs by SELA which was a swedish company specializing in making movie and TV recording gear. Their microphones T24, T25, T26 and T27 suposedly used Neumann KK47 diagphrams that were purchased from Neumann, similar to the Church mikes. They used a AC701k tube and had a higher voltage on the capsule, again like the Church mikes, but were cardiod only. They sound great, very much like a M49.
My question is if you can confirm that the diagphrams realy were purchased from you?? Itīs quite obvious when you see them but i wanted to get a confirmation from you.
Also i was told that SELA was the swedish distributor for Neumann in Sweden at this time, is this true??
If you want to see pictures of the mics and capsules you can check http://www.fsfl.se/backspegel/sela.html
I s looking forward to your reply.
Regards, Dennis Johansson Sweden  
Posted by Dennis Johansson
Posted by M. Schneider / Neumann