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Microphones inside a Saxophone
Author: Posted by Alexandra Leikauf
Date: 02/26/2004
Hello everyone,
Some questions about an experimental recording setup... I would like to record a saxophone by placing microphones inside the bell of the instrument (an alto) to record mostly very quiet sounds, the hissing sounds of breath flowing through the instrument etc. Ideally this would be in stereo, so that the direction of the air currents etc. is distributed over two speakers in the end.
I'm considering getting small microphones specifically for this purpose. Which Neumann mics might be most suitable? Are there small stereo mics from Neumann as such, or simply pairs? Would the standard foam hood around a microphone offer enough protection from particles and moisture etc. in this setup?
Any other things I should take into consideration?
Thank you very much
Alexandra Leikauf
Posted by Alexandra Leikauf
Posted by M. Schneider / Neumann
Posted by Alexandra Leikauf