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New Capsule in my Vintage U87
Author: Posted by Tom Poff
Date: 02/28/2004
Dear Neumann Folks,
I just received my vintage 1970 U-87 back from your repair shop in Old Lyme Conn. Tom Onofrio replaced the capsule and converted the red dot mic to the 200 Ohm impedance.
After a quick setup and mic shootout we find it sounds nothing short of Glorious. I bought the Mic off Ebay a while back and while it sounded ok I was able to determine that it needed servicing from this pinboard. Tom called me right after he received the mic and informed me that indeed the old capsule had seen better days. I decided that this mic deserved the investment to repair it. WOW! Now it sounds just beautiful.. Big Powerful Detailed and Musical. Just like I imagined it should. I guess you can tell I am smiling!
Like icing on the cake I was very impressed with the care and attention I recieved from your support staff and the exceptionally fast service. I will be on travel soon and will be taking this mic with me along with my M-147 which I am discovering with experimentation is a versatile and beautiful sounding mic.
So Thanks again and Best Regards. Tom Poff Rare Air Studio  
Posted by Tom Poff