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U47 and Fet 47 Head Baskets...
Author: Posted by joshua kessler
Date: 04/14/2004
Hello to Neumann:
I am curious why replacements Headgrilles are not available from you anymore. I have a Fet 47 and U47 with severely damaged baskets and I have spoken with Dwight Stevenson at Sennheiser USA about it and he says that they are just not available anymore. Dwight has been super helpful with all of my 'issues' but I was hoping to get more info from the Berlin guys. There are new headgrilles that have come on the market that I've seen that are being made for the folks out there that are making U47 reissues or copies, but they are garbage and should my mics fall on these baskets, I am quite confident I would be in for total capsule replacement...again. And that is rather costly.
Dwight ordered for me the last Fet 47 head grille that was available. It was over a month ago and frankly I am worried that if it doesn't show, I am going to be in trouble here. Can you guys help out? Are you going to make them again? Have you seen the aftermarket stuff people are making? Help if you can...
Kind Regards, Joshua Kessler Bushwick Studio Brooklyn, NY USA  
Posted by joshua kessler
Posted by Jürgen Breitlow - Neumann