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What the KM 85i is
Author: Posted by David Satz
Date: 09/12/1999

KM 85s are somewhat specialized microphones--cardioids that have their low frequency response reduced rather severely, so that they can be placed close to a speaking voice without excessive boominess. Of course they have other uses, but don't assume that they'll sound as warm and rich as normal cardioids, because in normal applications they won't.
The KM 85 uses the same body (amplifier) as the KM 83 omni and KM 84 cardioid. Or perhaps I should say 'used'--the whole series hasn't been made for quite a number of years.
You can look in the History section of this Web site for info on the KM 64 and KM 84, to get a general idea of what they were about, then look at the current model KM 145 which is the closest thing they have nowadays. Note especially the frequency response curve for the KM 145. The KM 85 doesn't have the same high frequency bump, but is otherwise similar. On the other hand the newer microphones are quieter and have higher overall sensitivity, as well as greater tolerance for very high sound pressure levels.  
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