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Impedance, Sensitivity and Sound Cards
Author: Fabian
Date: 07/10/2007

I have been trying to record audio with my computer, yet i noticed that the sound with a cheap microphone from Shure (600 Ohm impedance, 50 dBV/Pa [2 mv]) was very low and had to be amplified to the extend that the sound card started buzzing in the background.

How would a KMS 104 be different (50 Ohm, 4.5 mV/Pa)? How about other microphones?

What is the correlation between impedance and sensitivity to the perceived "volume" at the input of the computer?

I assume that higher impedance means louder, because the really flimsy microphones on the 5 dollar headsets have over 2 kOhms, but i am doubting myself in the logic implied...