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Reference monitors for mixing classical
Author: Gianluca Piacenza
Date: 04/23/2009
It's time for me to upgrade my main monitor set-up (actually a pair of KRK RP8) in my control room.
I found my KRKs too much "plastic" and colored on certain frequencies (for example my solo piano classical recordings are very "unrealistic", hyped on treble and muffled on mid-low), even if they're very detailed.
I'm looking for something similar sounding to my Sennheiser HD-600 headphones, so very detailed and natural and balanced sounding and what I do is basically classical music (solo piano and chamber) and orchestral film scoring, but also a bit of jazz and acoustic pop.
My budget is 1500-1800 for a pair.
My room is decently treated acoustically, and measure 5m x 12m (2.80m height).
I'm considering K+H o110 (but they're a bit small), Adam A7 or P11A, Dynaudio BM6A and maybe some Genelec.....
I have no possibilities to audition them all, so if you guys have some experienced suggestions please help me choosing.
The key word for me is "not colored".

Thank you

Gianluca Piacenza
Gianluca Piacenza
John Willett
Gianluca Piacenza
John Willett