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kk105S audio speech
Author: Marco Rocchini
Date: 10/17/2012
Hi evereyone,
I'm owner of a KK105S in a Sennheiser SKM-5000N transmitter. I have compared the ME5005 with this KK105S but is it possibile that the ME5005 is better of the KK105S when I use the microphone for the speech (not to sing)??

The KK105S seems to have less high (the treble are blurred) it seems that the dinamic range is less for the KK105S but teorically this is not possibile because the KK105S should be much higher than ME5005.

In Neumann website I read that the "Also all existing Sennheiser SKM 5000 handheld transmitters can be upgraded with the Neumann KK 104 S and KK 105 S capsule heads. Still, to take full advantage of the acoustical properties of these heads it is recommended to utilize the SKM 5200 or SKM 5000 N" I have check the PCB board of my transmitter: it's a PCB 86141 = SKM-5000-UHF-N version.

But it's strange, I thought that the KK105S was best for both speech and sing, or do I double check my system?

Who have a KK105S/SKM5200 or SKM5000N can perform a comparison ME5005 vs KK105S for audio speech?

Thanks, and best regards

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Marco Rocchini
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Marco Rocchini
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