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U87ai sounding 'thin
Author: Ruud van Steenis
Date: 04/19/2017
I am the owner of a couple of Neumann U87ai microphones.
Serial numbers (1025)122263 and (1326)128091.
They work, but I have the impression that they sound a bit 'thin' (reduced low-end), compared to other condenser microphones. (C12, AKG C414 etc.)
I noticed that over the years, the value of C 104 was increased from 33 nF to 47 nF, but when I measure through the "messeingang", a frequency of 40 Hz. is at a lower level than the specified -4 dB re. 1 KHz.
Also I noticed that there are more complaints about 'thin' sounding U87ai's. Personally, I think about increasing the value of C 104 in the feedback network, to obtain a better LF response. Any thoughts about this?
(I have the impression that the 'old' U87's had a much fuller low end.)  
Ruud van Steenis
Martin Schneider/Neumann
Ruud van Steenis