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TLM49 PreAmp & Compressor
Author: Mohsen Yaghmaei
Date: 10/10/2017
Hello everyonne.
I bought a TLM49 for my home studio for recording vocals (just vocals) . it sounded great even with the built-in preAmp on my audio interface but then i decided to buy a preAmp and a compressor for greater sound in my recordings. unfortunately in the place that i live, there are limited choices for these two (preAmp & compressor).
the first question is, should i get a channel strip or not? (from these choices ofc)
I listed some channel strips too, if its a fine match with my microphone.
so i want your help to choose between these choices that i listed below and what combination of them should i use in your opinion. by the way, im a male singer and my genre is pop. only need one channel for just vocals.

1.Universal Audio solo 610 & 710 twin finity
2.Avalon M5
3.Warm Audio TB12 & WA12
4.Focusrite ISA One

1.Universal Audio 1176-LN
2.Warm Audio WA-2A & WA76

Channel strips:
1.Universal Audio LA 610 & 6176
2.Avalon VT-737SP
3.Manley CORE
4.Rupert Neve 5017 & Portico II

will be thankful for your help and knowledge
Mohsen Yaghmaei