Advice on KM183 for chamber music recordings
Author: Peter Thomlinson
Date: 02/12/2009
I have had experience of a KM184 (cardoid) being used as a stereo pair on the piano in a studio where I was recording a couple of years ago. I found the sound impressive, and prefered it to the Schoeps mics positioned slightly further away. (Don't remember what they were).

I may possibly be doing some chamber music recordings of a piano trio, and understand that the KM183 (omni) is excellent for piano with better bass response. I've also been told the KM183 would be very good for the strings too (violin and cello), and I would maybe like to record as a stereo pair. Possibly in the baffled straight pair, or straight pair, or maybe coincident pair.

It will be hopefully, if it happens, be in a good accoustic, and where mics at a the best distance for sound would get me great results. Any comments? ( I have not got these mics yet). I would like to be certain as most of my future recordings would be small groups, say violin and piano, cello and piano, or solo piano, or maybe string quartet.