KMS 105 Problems setting up
Author: Nick Howe
Date: 03/13/2009
I have just brought this mike and thought I could just plug in to the mixer and away we go like I do with other shure mikes. But this was not the case.

1st thing I learnt was you have to use the phantom power button on the desk and if the other mikes are not condenser mikes you can not use them through the same desk. (other band members not happy)

Also when I read about mikes this was the best rated one for my voice and bands such as Muse and White Stripes use them, which is a similar type of music to ours, and also read that it's less likley to pick up feed back.

Last night we went to buy a pa set up from a guy.. Was set up as follows - Mike going to desk then to an 31 band eq then to a stk 1600w amp to 2 speakers on the left and 2 foldbacks on the right, all set up in a brigde set up. (I have little knowledge on this so please bare with me.) Basically his shure mike could go louder with out feed back than my 105.

A little disappoint after the money I paid for it, also the guy kept telling my it was not a live stage mike and only can use it for recording. from what I have read this morn I think he's wrong on this.

Can you help my situation.
1. Whats the best way to get the best out of this mike
2. I have read a little about preamps. Will this help my sound and if so what is the best one for this mike
3. What is the best lead to use?
4. What would be the perfect set up?
5 Is a feed back suppressor worth getting?

All Im after is a great live sound that's why I got the 105 in the first place, Our whole attitude is quality of live preformance and sound.

Would rather pay for the top gear to get the sound I want so would be gratefull if you can give me the most honest answer.  
Nick Howe
Mike Pappas
Pablo Bellinghausen
Bob Bickerton