USM69i "wide angle" cardioid pattern good for stereo?
Author: Jurgen Frenz
Date: 03/27/2009
the U69 seems too be a bit bright (or weak in the lows) in the figure of 8 pattern. I will record a chambers ensemble and the musicians could fit inside the 90 angle to use a simple Blumlein setup. However I would like to record the low frequencies very well (there's a bassoon in one piece and a piano in 2 pieces) so I'm reluctant to use figure of 8 x2.
Did anybody use the "wide angle" cardioid for a stereo recording? "Wide angle card" is a translation of the mic's manual for the german "breite Niere". From the polar graphs the mic's response in the high freqs looks interesting (quite narrow and not deep to the rear). I will not have enough time for rehearsing, besides it is on location without a control room so I have to trust a headphone. If anybody has experienced / tried the pattern before in a similar situation I'd be glad to hear!
Thanks a lot