M147 - for voiceover
Author: Colin
Date: 08/10/2009
I do voiceovers in the UK. Currently I own a TLM 103 which I find a little too bright and sizzly for voiceover work. Although I must say I very much appreciate the low noise and high output, I get best results with a broad shelf cut from about 3kHz.

So, from that you can deduce that I prefer a darker sound with an open and detailed but not over hyped mid range - obviously a U47 would be my dream. Anyone have any experience of using the M147 on male and female voiceovers? I run a DW Fearn VT1 Tube pre-amp. A good match?

Lastly and most importantly; obviously I like a dark sound, but mud and sludge is the last thing you want in v/o. Any and all input would be very much appreciated. If it helps I could even send along a sound file of the sound that I favour.

Many thanks  
Martin Schneider/Neumann
Toby Duncan