KMS 104 Vs 105 again for rock assignment
Author: MC Deli
Date: 11/22/2009
I have read a lot of posts and reviews and just want to check I am making the right choice.

Male rock vocal with some breathy falsetto, tendency to bob head excitedly while playing loud guitar (at 90 degrees), IEM, venue-dependent 45 degree floor monitoring - generally the vocal benefits from LF roll off under 250hz (with studio large diaphragm condensers and live sm58). Determined to get 104 or 105 to improve clarity, responsiveness, lessen straining, especially for the falsetto. I intend to use a JoeMeek VC3 as a preamp with the hope that its Enhancer will help get the right 'air' - and it is the only portable solution I have;)

If I understand correctly then the better 90 degree rejection and slightly reduced proximity effect of the KMS 105 would make it the logical choice (and every time I hear it in concert it sounds great). However, do I understand that the 104 is kinder to a vocalist who moves more in terms of having a wider sweet spot?

Advice appreciated on how to choose - thanks.