preamp for M 147
Author: Kanstantsin Andreyeu
Date: 12/30/2009
hi everyone, I am new on this forum and M 147 is my first Neumann. I like it and i am looking for preamp wich will works good and not ruine my budget :)
1. should it be "non Tube" preamp or can it be tube one? ( then I will have two tubes in channel strip and I do not think that it is good... )
I' ve triem TL Audio Ivory ... but it colorise too much together with M 147
I ve tried cheaper bellary - but it had a lot of noise ....
I ve tried ART MPA II.... similar like bellary....
I ve tried SPL Channel one - not bad at all ... but it is tube....
I will be appreciate for any advises and comments about your experience with M147 and preamps
I gonna use it mostly for Vocals ( male and female)
and I will have to use it for Acoustic guitar untill I will buy two of KM 184....  
Kanstantsin Andreyeu
scott Dennis
Kanstantsin Andreyeu