Not pleasants sound in the high notes (violin solo+Km 184)
Author: pablo martos lozano
Date: 03/05/2010
Hi everybody!
I recorded Bach double concerto with me plaing the solo violin and with another soloist (oboe).
I used Neumann cardioids km184 in ortf and a couple of spot mics for soloist.In the mix I used only a bit of the spot ant then I put some reverb.
The problem is in my opinion the violin solo sound is not pleasants in the high notes, is really to bright. I tried some eq but still is very bright and it hurts the ears.
What can I do?
Here you have the link to listen my recording.
Thanks a lot for the support!

http://web.me.com/pablomartos/Sitio_web_ 2/Película.html