microphones for recording soprano, guitar and piano
Author: Charlotta Johansson
Date: 03/14/2010
I have a Zoom H4 handy recorder, and I want to connect two microphones to it.

I will mainly record a light soprano voice, classical (singing like Handel, Shubert etc), classical guitar and piano (one at a time). I will record in a concert hall and it needs to be of broadcast quality or as close to it as possible, with low noice.

Is it possible to find microphones for around 2000 euro? Which microphones will work best for this purpose? I have been thinking of the KM184. Are there better choices?

Is it a good idea to use the Zoom H4 as recorder (with external microphones)? Any proís or conís? The H4 can provide a phantom power supply of +48 V or +24 V, but it only has 2 jack connections, not XLR 3 connections. How should I connect the microphones? Any accessories needed for best result?