Recording classical guitar with KM184?
Author: Per Lindhof
Date: 01/29/2011
My name is Per Lindhof. I compose music for classical spanish guitar. I'm about to make some serious recordings, and so I'm looking for a pair of good microphones (I want to use a near coincident stereo technique like NOS or ORTF). My studio is small but acoustically treated. Will small condensers like the KM184 a pleasent job? My guitar has a bright sound (Amalio Burget 1A with Hannabach Goldin strings). I've been told that the 184 has a little too bright sound for classical. I've tried a pair of Sennheiser e914 which sounded very nice indeed but very bright. How will the 184 compare to these.

I won't use large condensers or omnis.

Kind regards

Per Lindhof