KM 184 Recording aff axis - any drawbacks? Why not AB stereo
Author: Per Lindhof
Date: 03/05/2011
Hi all
I've recently got a pair of KM184's for recording my classical guitar. I must say they are very nice mics indeed and they have raised the quality of my working a lot.

I mostly use coincident or near coincident techniques like XY, ORTF, NOS and DIN.

I get good recults but somehow I can't get used to recording my instrument 45 to 55 degrees off axis. It seems unnatural.
Aren't the microphones supposed to sound best when used pointing directly at the source? (You would never record a vocalist 45 degrees off axis would you?).
Of course the off axis recording is supposed to capture some room ambience too, but there is a room in between the mics and the guitar and above them etc. so why point them away?

I've tried to record AB 33 cm apart 90 cm from the guitar, or 45 degrees apart separated with a baffle and the sound seems clearer and more precise. BUT... do I get real stereo from this or just wide mono? (I know the theories about time vs intensity affecting the localisation).

Any inputs are very welcome.

Kind regards

Per Lindhof