KM 184 with a "Jecklin disc" any thoughts?
Author: Per Lindhof
Date: 03/07/2011
Hi all.
In my former thread I had some questions about off axis recording and I got some very seriour replies - thanks.

I'm experimenting with recording my classical guitar with my KM184's.
I have tried to put a (homemade 29 cm) Jecklin disc in between the mics (they were 45 degrees spred and 25 cm apart) and the result came out surprisingly clear.
The sound is more on-axis and therefore I doubt whether the image I get is somewhat "split" mono or "real" stereo.
It sounds stereo in headphones, but the image is different than ORTF.

Is there something I should beware of? Is the Jecklin disc on cardiods too weird for a classical guitar on 80 cm distance?

If I trust my ears the sound is very nice, but I'm in doubt about the stereo image..

Kind regards

Per Lindhof