Best Neumann Handheld Vocal Condenser Microphone?
Author: Diablo Motor Brazilian Hard Rock Band
Date: 08/06/2011
Hello there!

We are Diablo Motor, a Brazilian Hard Rock band, and we are in the process of purchasing some new musical gear, including a handheld condenser mic for our vocalist.

We have heard of the greatness of the KMS 104 and 105 models, but since we always have a very LOUD stage, with amplifiers and drums really blasting a lot of sound around, we are a little concerned if a condenser microphone would be our best choice.

Currently, our singer uses a Shure Super 55, and that is a supercardiod dynamic mic that he really likes. He has a lot of power in his voice, and we believe that is the main reason he is a little apprehensive in making the transition to condenser, but we are still insisting he should give it a try, since we recorded with a condenser mic and he never sounded so good as he did on that recording.

So, with all that being said, could anybody shine a light on this matter for us? We are looking for the BEST, price is always an issue since we are an independent rock band, so there is not a whole lot of money passing around, but we are really committed to make an effort, save up and get the best possible microphone for ourselves, period.

Oh, by the way, we play all different kinds of venues, from small pubs to really big open spaces!

Any help? Thank you all in advance!  
Diablo Motor Brazilian Hard...
John Willett
Martin Schneider/Neumann
John Willett