Choir/Orchestral Recording
Author: Bob Bickerton
Date: 12/10/2011
I recorded a local choir with orchestra the other day. The hall has a good acoustic and good rigging points. The orchestra was chamber size, but the choir were quite large, around 80 members, and on risers behind the orchestra.

I used an ORTF centre pair of TLM193s and two outrigger KM183s. All pretty standard, but I had the outriggers reasonably high and pointing at the choir using SBK 130 sound diffraction spheres to obtain a little more reach. Also had a TLM193 as a spot on soloists.

It was never going to be a great recording (there were lots of fan cooled LED lights around) but I was reasonably pleased with the outcome.

I had considered using a couple of mics on the choir, but in rehearsal I felt they were reasonably well balanced. In retrospect, I would have preferred a little more 'definition' from the choir. Even though they were, for the most part, reasonably balanced, they sounded more distant, which is what you'd expect I suppose.

Would you use a coincident pair on the choir or a spaced pair, presumable cardioid? And if it's just definition required from the choir would you EQ the choir mics to provide just a little high frequency information, which is what I thought was missing.

Much appreciated.

Bob Bickerton
james norman