Author: David Gladding
Date: 12/29/2011
I am considering changing my microphone in the near future and I would like your opinion on my choice of mic.

I am using an Audio Technica ATM61HE as my main mic but I also have an Audio Technica AE6100 and a Sennheiser e865 that I have recently acquired but not yet tried, but due to my microphone technique I am not comfortable with the mic being very close to my mouth.

I like to work with the mic about 6 inches away but I find that the sound can be lower in volume and prone to feedback if I try to increase my mic channel on the mixer.
I do realize that this is going to happen as all the mic's I have ever used seem to require the vocalist to very close.

I have spent a considerable amount of time checking out the spec of the more expensive mic's out there and I feel that the Neumann KSM104 and KSM105 ( including the plus versions of these mic's ) may be right for me but even they have different specs between them and I would not want to take a chance on which one without trying it on a gig, but I realize that this is not possible due to health and safety/hygiene reasons not to mention the possible damage that could occur.

So I would appreciate your advice on this as I do not want another mic to add to my collection unless it will solve my problem, I am in fact going to try my e865 this Saturday but I am not convinced that it will be as good as the Neumann?  
David Gladding
Martin Schneider/Neumann
David Gladding
Martin Schneider/Neumann