KMS 104 or KMS 104 Plus instead of KK 104 ?
Author: Santo Trapani
Date: 01/10/2012

I am interested in buying a KMS 104 or KMS 104 Plus.
However, as it is an important investissement and as I have not the occasion to try them, I would like some clarifications technically speaking because I am hesitating between them.

I would like the one complying the more with the KK 104 (wireless used with Senheiser SKM 5200 for instance by George Michael [not affordable for me... :-((( ] ).

If we compare graphics between KMS 104 and KMS 104 Plus with the KK 104, it seems that KMS 104 Plus is closer than KMS 104?

Am I right saying this analyse even if I think that those small differences are not relevant ?

In another term, which one is closer to KK 104 ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

GM euhhh no... Sint ;-))))  
Santo Trapani
Martin Schneider/Neumann