Valve U47 standmount thread adapter to 3/8 inch.
Author: Gwyn Mathias
Date: 01/19/2012
A friend recently lent out one of his 47's for a video shoot. When he next came to use the mic he was unable to attach the standmount to a normal 3/8 inch threaded mic-stand boom end, as the thread adapter which had always been screwed into the standmount was no longer present - and could not be subsequently traced. The normal type 3/8" to 5/8" adapter won't do.

Is there a spec for this thread adapter, and was it purely a Neumann item, or one in use with other German mics and made by third parties? I presume Neumann no longer have this as a spare part? Any clue to a source would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,