Re: DMI-2 portable and KM183D problem
Author: Juan Carlos P. Arribas
Date: 05/17/2012
Hello John
Yes, I know the Grace m903, I dream with one!!!.

Your definition of the problem is accurate. Acoustic interference of voice in the church? I do not know.

The power to the DMI-2P is a AC adapter from Soun Devices. It delivery 12 Volt. 3.75 Amp. brand: ELECTRONICS-CO CINCON. LTD. I think that is enough.

Yesterday I recorded a another concert of Baroque organ pipes in a church, with the same rig. And the result is great, good bass sounds, treble very precise and very good spatiality. Not a strangle sound or metal, any time.

I recorded at 96/24 and -6dB att. on, because the microphones were about 7 meters from the organ body, another position was not possible. The word clock from the DMI-2 to Nagra V, this in position 96 WCK Crystal. The signal peaks in the DMI-2P never never reached -10dBFS and the KMD gain was 24dB.

I would think that the strange sound of the other recordings is caused by acoustics of the church. Yes, the sounds of the other music great.

I think it's a good idea to consult with Nagra. How to contact to John Owens?

Thank you very much.
Juan Carlos Perez Arribas.  
Juan Carlos P. Arribas
John Willett
Juan Carlos P. Arribas
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Juan Carlos P. Arribas
John Willett
Juan Carlos P. Arribas