About the lectures
Author: Baptist Clauwens
Date: 12/10/2012
Dear scientists,

In lecture 0053 "Microphone Choice" of mr. Schneider I miss the graph of 'Double large diaphragm capsule at 5 m'. Perhaps it is not that important.

In lecture 0050 "Effect of the singer's head on microphones" there are 5 microphones tested. I think mic1 is a KMS105, maybe mic5 a KMS104. Can you confirm that.

For the fun of understanding, I do own measurements in a normal room. Reference is a pair of KM184. It would help to have a realistic example of a KM184 curve, i.s.o. the tolerance curves.
My practical goal is, to find a better way of mixing solo channels into an ORTF stereo image. My ultimate goal is, to find measurements that can nail down the real quality of sound.

P.S. Very nice lectures !
P.S. I love my KM184. They make excellent ORTF stereo recordings, what makes me happy !  
Baptist Clauwens
Martin Schneider/Neumann
Baptist Clauwens