Phantom Power and the use of a Patch Bay
Author: Skip Brown
Date: 03/09/2014
After a wonderful visit to your headquarters last year I was completely won over by the amazing products you have offered for so many years. Thanks

We are upgrading our studio here in Virginia in the US and have added another 103, a 49 and a TLM 67, (which is just short of amazing!) and a pair pf KH 120's.

The question today relates to the use of a patch bay to collect the mic lines from the five rooms in the studio. We are moving from a 32 channel analog console to a fleet of external mic pre's and an Avid C24 that has 16 mic/line inputs. The pre's and C24 will interface to a UA Apollo 16 converter. I have more lines coming to the control room than actual interface inputs so we are considering the patch bay to collect the lines and route the individual mic lines to the pre's and/or C24, than to the interface. We are looking at a TRS or TT bay and the concern is the 48V power and plugging the TT or TRS patch cables in. Can you give me any guidance related to this process, potential damage to the microphones if the 48V is on when the TRS cable is plugged in or what we may want to consider. I can turn off the 48V on each device but I am worried if one of the engineers forgets and plugs one of our wonderful new mic's into a hot plug.

Thanks in advance and keep building the best gear on the planet. My trip to Berlin will always rank as one of my best trips and the fact that Wolfgang and Jurgen took time to talk with me about our business and use of the products just proves the dedication to the craft you have at Neumann.

Skip Brown
Final Track Studios
Skip Brown
Martin Schneider/Neumann
Skip Brown