u47 FET vs u87ai
Author: aaron pashka
Date: 04/14/2016

I am going to be investing in a new microphone and I wanted to ask some opinions about what mic would be better suited to clean male vocals, with a considerable presence in the mid highs? I will be primarily using the microphone for male vocals as well as acoustic guitar. I know that these do not sound the same as the vintage versions of the microphones, however I do love the sound of them both. I have heard both of these A/B only on female vocals and can not seem to find a male demo. I do like the airy highs of the tlm 103, and the presence of the TLM49. If it makes any difference, I was not as partial to the sound of the u67 on my own voice or the few other voices I heard it on through a neve 1073, verses the u47 (not fet).

Any input would be greatly appreciated as I am looking to purchase either one of these mics in the next few weeks.

Thank you!  
aaron pashka
Rick Park