TLM 67 info request
Author: Jacopo Malusardi
Date: 10/24/2016
I registered to the forum because I'm considering purchasing a couple of TLM 67, but can't find a lot of informations about them, and it doesn't seem easy to find a demo pair of these microphones.
My main doubt is about the tube simulation circuit and its distortion characteristic: is the TLM 67 a "special effect" microphone or is it on the subtle side?
I heard it described as flat, dark, neutral, extremely "coloured", heavy handed and everything in between.
The low MAX SPL values and high THD figures scare me a bit.
I know that these technical data reflect the characteristic of the tube simulation circuit and aren't in any way related to a mediocre microphone performance.
What I don't know is how versatile can these microphones be.
I mostly work with acoustic music, especially jazz and impro, with some classical too. I already have a good number of KM100 series microphones, a U87 Ai and some Schoeps Colette. A bit of character doesn't scare me, but I'm interested in a versatile pair of microphones, not one trick ponies. Could the TLM 67 be the right mic for me? My intended uses should be piano, drums overhead, double bass, cello and woodwinds.
How does it differs sonically from the U87 Ai other than being darker sounding? Does it suffer in high SPL situations?
Thank you very much for your consideration!
Best regards,
Jacopo Malusardi  
Jacopo Malusardi