KMR 82i Low output gain
Author: Victor Marinov
Date: 07/21/2017
Hi guys,
I recently begin working for a company that owns few Neumann mics in really bad shape. I decided to have a look and see if i can do something about them and bring them back to life.
I started with the KMR 82i a pair. One had a leaking capacitor that I changed and some dust on the diaphragm which I've cleaned. The other one had a faulty connection on one of the pins and also some dirt on the diaphragm. At this point I managed to make them work. The thing is that both mics have low gain... meaning I have to double the gain to get normal level.
I do know that I can send you the mics and you can diagnose them but the company isn't willing to spend money on them. So everything is in my hands. I just want to save these beautiful mics and not throw them away.
I hope you will be able to help me....somehow.

Victor Marinov
Martin Schneider/Neumann
Victor Marinov