TLM 49 or U87ai for vocals *only* Need input in the know!:)
Author: Roberts
Date: 08/18/2007
Aside from testing them both which i will do, i'm looking for opinions of people who have used both extensively as i'll only have a limited time to test in the shops.

Here is the scenario:
- i want a main workhorse vocal mic only for my vocals.
- I'm only going to record male vocals which are quite 'mufflly' / deep.
- I'd like a large deep, intimate sound ala Peter Murphy / Charlie Sexton with play on the proximity effect. (can you play with the 49's proximity effect well?)
- I have a tlm 103
- Dilemma of getting another tlm.. vs the u87 whereas my103 has the same characteristics (loosely speaking) as the u87
- the 49 is made for vocals...*but* is it better than the u87 for them?..

Any opinions on what to go for? Are the two mics drastically different in flavour? What flavour? I heard the 49 really sits in the mix well?..

Thanks in advance for any help!