Problem with my kms 104
Author: caleb connaway
Date: 07/27/2011
My kms 104 started making funny noises recently in the form of crackling and then I couldn't hear what I was saying into the diaphragm almost at all but when I touched the mic with my hand it was loud and boomy. I took the cover off the mic and it looks like the capsule had come loose from the circuit board but it was only set in place by a rubber gasket so i placed it back in and now I can hear my voice but it seems to be a little loose and shorts sometimes and when I touch it with my mouth it is making a noise like it is having grounding issues. I was wondering is this how the kms 104 is intended to work? can you change out capsules and am I just going to need to work it in there better? Right now it is just a bit too unstable to use live but I LOVE this mic and don't want to send it out for weeks to be serviced if it is a simple do it yourself fix.  
caleb connaway
Martin Schneider/Neumann
caleb connaway
Martin Schneider/Neumann