U87i battery meter question
Author: Joel Morowitz
Date: 12/01/2011
Over the years of having owned quite a few early U87's, I have come across several of them that do not have the internal battery meter. Looking at one particular mic now, it appears that none has ever been installed. there are absolutely no traces of having been soldered. Did some early U87's come without the meters despite having the capacity to use batteries? If not, is there some reason why they would be removed other than the obsolescence of using batteries to power the mic? A sonic difference perhaps? The one I am looking at now was purchased by the original owner. He was adamant that the mic was all original, but the mic body doesn't have a slit to view the meter area. Is it possible that because this mic had no meter, it came with a mic body without a slit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Joel Morowitz
Uwe Sattler/NeumannUSA
Klaus Heyne