U47 power supplies
Author: Charlie Brewer
Date: 02/10/2012
Hi Martin,

I just got 3 U47's in my shop that a client found recently.
They are all original VF14M units, but no power supplies.
Serial numbers are :
U47a #5207 Neumann Badge
U47a #5209 Neumann Badge
U47 #2688 Telefunken Badge
I assume that the Telefunken badge on #2688 was done
by Gotham Audio. Stephen Temmer did that a lot in the
1960's to increase resale value, even though Telefunken
never actually made any of their own microphones !

Would all 3 be the standard 105 VDC, 40 mA power supply ?
I'm looking for a schematic for the NG Power supply so I can
build new power supplies for these mic's.
Fortunately I have the 3 pieces of the original 6 pin Tuchel
female connectors for the mic cables, I'll probably use a 5 pin
XLR type connector for the power supply end of the mic cables.

Thanks for all your help in the past,

Charlie Brewer
Tech Services
Nashville, TN
Charlie Brewer
Uwe Sattler/NeumannUSA
Martin Schneider/Neumann