Can Mics Improve with Use?
Author: Stephen Andrew Bright
Date: 09/28/2012
Please excuse this one last, rather esoteric question: is there any evidence that mics can improve sonically through decades of professional use?

I come from a musical instrument background where there is widespread belief (myself included) that musical instruments can improve in tonality over time through repeated useage, and that the sound vibrations can transform the organic wood materials through professional playing, over several years of time. I.e., spruce-top guitars can take 5 years to "open up."

Is there any evidence that microphones (or other audio electronics) can be transformed in a similar way?

I'm well aware that vintage mics can certainly change their sonic characteristics over time, and can and will go out of spec due to component failure, dust, loss of tension, etc. But is it conceivable that the vibrations passing through a microphone can also impart a transforming effect over time to improve tonality, like on a high-quality musical instrument?

Thanks for any thoughts. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm tempted to believe that it might be true.

Best, Stephen  
Stephen Andrew Bright
Martin Schneider/Neumann