U87 cut out on breath test.
Author: nigel crowson
Date: 02/06/2013
Ive had a u87 for years, it gradually became noisy and crackled and switched off with close vocal work even with a pop screen, I decided to clean the capsule myself using method described by Neumann using distilled water and soft brush.
There was a huge improvement on unwanted noise, crackles, pops etc. They have all gone away. The switches operate very smoothly and quietly.
I gave the U87 a breath test without pop screen to see what would happen. This test was taken very close to the capsule and it did indeed cut out and return to normal within a few seconds without noise, just off then on again.
Is this the best I can expect to get it?
Is it possible to get a capsule to not go silent for a few seconds when its fogged with breath?
I haven't a new U87 to make a comparison, so can you tell me please, would a new U87 keep working under such conditions with a fogged capsule?
If it would, then I can conclude that my cleaning job was a success.
Can you help please?  
nigel crowson
Martin Schneider/Neumann
Klaus Heyne
Rafael Abal
Klaus Heyne
Martin Schneider/Neumann