M149 - low output
Author: Daphne Jones
Date: 04/24/2013
I bought a brand new M149 and the output seems to be very low.

Everything I have read says that the M149 has a very hot output, so I am concerned that something is wrong.

I am using a True Systems P-Solo preamp and I need to turn the gain up almost all the way to get a recordable signal.

I bought the M149 as a (significant) upgrade to my AT 4033. The M149 has much lower output than the AT 4033.

The sound of the M149 is somewhat muffled with little high end. Much less clear than the AT.

This was not what I was expecting at all, so I am thinking there is something wrong with it. Is there a common problem that leads to low output? I have the M149 connected to its (Neumann) power supply that came with it, and then into the P-Solo. From there it goes directly to my A/D.

I've also tried feeding it into a Mackie Board with the same results.

Are there tests I can do to verify that it is working correctly, or what is wrong with it?

Thank you for any information you can provide.  
Daphne Jones
Martin Schneider/Neumann
Daphne Jones